Mover, Shaker… Cookie Baker?

Have you ever read a story that seems so out-of-this-world that, even when faced with a barely legible claim of being “based on a true story”, doesn’t seem like it would ever be possible? Like a now-famous celebrity that had just happened to be at the right place at the right time, or a professional athlete that just happened to have their best game yet — the day a professional team scout was there to see it. 

These events are all obviously unlikely (and incredibly lucky), but still believable, right? What about when everything continues to line up for those people afterwards – what if that professional athlete won the lottery a week later? What if that celebrity got their first acting gig AND a major modelling contract in the same month? Would it still be believable? These are the lives we write books about, the people we pay craploads of money to watch movies about — are we envious? Or are we just trying to see what it would be like, without all the inevitable hardships and bullshit, without having to commit?

My history, my life, is one of those stories that when people hear it, even in snippets, are quick to jump to the idea of an autobiography.

I’m serious.

This conversation usually goes something like this; I give a brief overview of something to do with my life experience, the person stares at me in disbelief — “that really happened to you? you should write a book!” — and I respond, happily, with a reply I’ve slowly adopted from my mother over the years:

“… but no one would believe it.”

It got to the point where my best friend and I had planned an entire cast of celebrities to play out the most insane events of my time on this planet so far. 

Melissa McCarthy was going to play me, by the way.

Alas, I was never one of the lucky ones to get discovered flaunting my little 12 year old body to “Ain’t No Other Man” on stage in a small Ontario town (even though I won); I wasn’t blessed in being born with wealthy parents that could give me gold-clad diapers and a life worthy of Bill Gates — though I’ve been incredibly blessed in other ways and recognize that deeply and truthfully. 

I was just a really sensitive, emotional and intuitive kid born into a world that was becoming convoluted, confusing and hard at an alarming rate. I stick to the theory that I just didn’t know how to keep up and hold onto my softness, but for a child to have to deal with a feeling that is impossible for them to understand — I think the proper description for what eventually happened was nothing short of “implosion”. I was just really messed up and, in turn, have had some pretty messed up experiences since (more on those later). 

So — I’ve come a long way since then. I’m a month shy of 26, I’ve been a student, business owner, mother, partner, daughter, sister. I’ve been an addict, and not; I’ve been healthy, and not. I’ve done some really stupid things, and some not so much — and I’ve been through a lot to get here. I’m excited to look back, get a little nostalgic, and share some mental photographs of what I’ve learned over the (VERY) short time I’ve been alive, with you. Jo is always reminding me that I have important things to say, and I’m starting to realize that even if my story isn’t “believable” — it’s still worth being told (and is pretty entertaining at times, if I’m to be so bold).

I’m grateful to you, our readers, for committing to coming on this ride with us. I think we each have amazing things to offer, both independently and as a unit. My hope for this blog is that we can meet and connect with some incredible people, while keeping away from the haterzz, as well as share our stories and experiences so as to maybe help you — and if it doesn’t “help”, even if it makes you think about things a little bit differently, I’m happy with that too.

So, are you ready to explore our universe? Buckle up, put your helmets on…

Houston, we are All Queer for Takeoff.

When you lose your ego, you win. It really is that simple.

― Shannon L. Alder

Would you know what I meant if I said I have memories that float behind my eyes; watery pictures of moments and people that stop the present, replaying themselves slowly, like looking out a window in a car, half your mind on the music, the other half on the scenery? With the dawning of 2019, there is one constant memory that does this slow-roll behind my eyes: me, standing in my public-school playground in utter disbelief and amazement that my friends and I had just realized we would be thirty-four in 2017. It was raining, and we were by the back fence. The details of this make me laugh: why thirty-four? What was it about 2017 that made us pick that long off date? Who were those friends, anyway, that stopped at 2017!? 

Sitting here writing this article with a years-gone-by nostalgia curdling my insides, I am forced to reflect on the passing year: family, friends, community, what impelled us to start a blog and, of course, this memory. The one certainty for me is the need to find and give life to my voice. My wife, Aisha, read my horoscope from Naimonu James ( a few days into the new year and, well, talk about a sign: 

“wander within and within and within. It takes hard work and commitment to go your own way, conditioning tells us it is far too dangerous…but you are too precious to miss out on learning yourself, dear Taurus…the more you create supportive spaces, the more faith in humanity and goodness you can collect to you.”

So, I have committed to stitching together these feelings and the words that constantly swirl in my brain, because I need you – a community – to reinstate my faith in humanity and goodness. I will make sure I lay my thoughts down, like a patchwork pathway, so we can come to a gentle space together. And hopefully, it is worth it.  

In the quiet, before Aisha comes home, I will share a secret before I introduce myself properly: I hope we are incredibly successful. I hope this blog is where we, as two incredible individuals, can thrive and grow and take up space we cannot seem to find room for IRL. It would make me laugh if, in 2029, I was modeling for ‘Haute Butch’ or sitting with Ivan Coyote to discuss our recent article, or maybe, just maybe, I’m invited to be the guest speaker at ‘Butch Voices’.  

I am a thirty-five-year-old Taurus, which means thirty-six is imminent. I am in-love, partnered up and in it for the long haul. My love, Aisha, has a beautiful boy I am lucky to be best friends with and the two of them are pretty much my entire world.  I am a gender non-conforming (GNC) person who has identified with Butch Lesbian for most of my life. I am the younger sibling to my sister who has been the most incredible, long-term support/intuitively understanding person I have had the privilege of knowing. My parents were a typical early-nineteen-seventies couple: my father was a doctor and my mother his nurse and secretary. I lived a comfortable life in a small town and, looking back, would say that it was happy, healthy and pretty ok. If I’m completely honest with you though, this is where a constant character flaw first appears; I am a hopeless romantic, idealist and generally do not acknowledge how bad shit can get. But I think this trait allows me to tell a good story while actually talking about some heavy stuff. 

I have stumbled upon a term I’ve been working around in my layered brain, moving into my mouth, and seeing if it fits: multipotentialite (credit: Emilie Wapnick).  I haven’t found a calling, which is evident from the atlas that is my career and educational pathway. I have a degree in Sociology and Sexual Diversity Studies from the University of Toronto, I am a certified Winery and Viticulture Technician; I have worked in warehousing for plumbing wholesale supplies, in bookstores, restaurants, and at a dry cleaner. My final attempt (for now) to achieve the picture of ultimate success – [redacted] – the stress became so intense I was ill for weeks on end. The resulting lawsuit, loss of industry and friends seems to be the fire this lil’ ol’ Pheonix needed. Oh, and I’m not allowed to talk about it. 

And I am so fucking happy for it. I am sure I will address the pile I just left you with, but in all honesty, I do not want this space to be about anger. I have worked for fifteen years to divest myself of the anger naturally boiling inside me. I want this space to be about the pilot light for anger; the hurt and sadness, the misunderstanding and confusion of being anyone – but specifically a gay, GNC, female-bodied, person in this world. Hopefully, what I need to talk about resonates with you, whoever you are. I hope Aisha helps me figure out how to interact with you on a blog space because I want to know you and hear what you think about. 

“One can acquire everything in solitude, except character.” – Stendhal

Thanks so much,

Adversity Makes Strange Bedfellows: How We’ve Come To Be


Thanks for trusting ‘Queer for Take-Off’ to be worth opening! My partner, Aisha and I (Jo), have decided that in our search for community, work-life balance, blending a step-family and being queer in a very white, heteronormative, south-western Ontario border town, it would be worth writing about our efforts. We know from the threads of people we have had vulnerable moments with, that a lot of us feel lonely, wish for a connection to others who have some resemblance to the mess we call ourselves (or not).  

Starbucks is a must-have when you’re travelling in Seattle! February 2018.

If you can relate to any of this, then I hope you enjoy our perspective as well. Obviously, this is an incredibly informal and opinionated space, but I believe we are both level-headed, sympathetic individuals that have walked many different paths in our short time here on earth. We will be writing from a queer, small-town perspective but hope to cover things that are cross boundaries; such as families, health and healthy eating, losing weight, relationships, how to shop for clothes, cooking basics, emotions and things that maybe poke the bear. 

Who we are:

Good hair day! January 2019.

Aisha: Pisces, 25, 5’7″, a smokin’ hot yogi who is spiritually and energetically inclined. 

Aisha will be our resident sound-advice giver, nutrition and cooking expert, and will discuss motherhood, chronic pain, supply sex advice and general body-focused content, and more. Also, the tech-inclined half of us. Her how-to’s and gentleness are what I look forward to sharing with you most, although she informed me this morning, I will be the lead generator. Thanks, pal.

Weekend away in Stratford. Coffee at Revel. January 2019.

Jo: Taurus,35, 5’8 3/4″, a model-worthy smoke show with an eye for the beauty in the everyday.

Jo will tackle the broader scope of all thing’s LGBTQ+, gender (or not), adulting, working out / fitness (maybe), finding community, finding yourself and so, so much more. The brains and motivation behind the decision to start this blog. “I just can’t wait to see how you speak to these people, our people. I can’t wait to see how many lives you’re going to change with your story.” – Aisha

We are a dynamic, ambivert duo who love to laugh, learn, eat and love. We think we are hilarious and will try and bring you into the world that is ours.  And all I can say, from the bottom of our humble hearts, is thanks for pulling up a chair and giving us a shot. We cannot wait to get to know you, too. 


Aisha and Jo